Brighton Photo Group – Field Trip, October 2018


We belong to a couple of Photo Clubs, well maybe four but whose counting?  One we rarely go to, so I suppose we belong to three in reality.    The Brighton Photo Group organized a day trip for last Monday and even though it rained off and on all day, who cares? we went anyways.  There were only nine of us that went out but we had a great day with a lot of fun and a good lunch and what more can you ask for on a nice autumn day.

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Algonquin Park – September/October 2018


Well, back to my all time favourite spot again for 18 nights.  Have trailer, will travel.  We were followed by a moose, tried to help a dying heron and braved winter-like conditions but what a time we had ! Continue reading “Algonquin Park – September/October 2018”

Taste ! A Community Grown Festival – Picton September 2018


So off to Taste !  An annual event held in Picton Ontario, usually at the Crystal Palace but this year it is being held at Loch-Sloy business park.   Looking forward to enjoying an afternoon at this unique location.  There were over 50 vendors including food, wine, beer, soap, jewellery, honey, salad dressings, you name it and it was there.  Very enjoyable couple of hours was spent here.

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Signal Brewery – The Staff Entertain Us !


I love Signal Brewery in Corbyville.  If you like history, check out the link I placed on Corbyville, very interesting history of this area which makes for good reading on the Ontario Ghost Towns website.   This is one of my favourite spots to go.  Beautiful old historic building and a wonderful big patio right on the Moira River.  What else could you ask for?   Our son and daughter-in-law love this place too, we took them there when they came for a visit from Toronto, where they live. Even though we took them there, it was my birthday and they bought us a delicious lunch!  It was a great afternoon but anyways………………continuing on……..Oh yeah so our daughter-in-law loves their sour beer and she actually found a bar near where they live that serves Signal Beer.  How about that?

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Day Trip to Peterborough – 17 September


Off to Peterborough, Ontario today to ride our bikes on the Omemee Rail Trail  This is a popular 35 km long trail.  We did not do the whole trail.  It’s crushed gravel which is great for biking and well maintained.  We did from Peterborough down to Doube’s Trestle bridge and a bit beyond and back.  The Trestle bridge is an old high train bridge, about 200 metres long and quite high.  Great views though.

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Presquile Provincial Park -16 September


Well it’s still stinking hot, what a change from last weekend when it went down to about 10 Celsius.  This weekend it is back up to 35C.  So we packed a lunch and headed off to Presquile Provincial Park to sit by the water and cool off by Lake Ontario.  But first,  we had to purchase a Daily VehicleP Ass so we could get into the park for the day ! lol   They need to reconfigure their printer methinks !


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Old Church Theatre – Sunday 9 September


Well back again to the Old Church.  This is a great venue.  No tickets were required for today’s show, it was a Pass the Hat event.  The group playing called themselves the Old Church Delinquents (OCD).  We have seen most of these guys perform before.  Rhett Wills on guitar, Ed Quinn on drums, Tim Campbell on guitar, Mike on bass and Steve on keyboards, (don’t know their last names.)

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