Algonquin Park March 2017

trum-6So this was a cold weekend !  We left at o’dark thirty Friday morning arriving at our motel at 9 a.m.  Checked in and headed to the Park !  Of course we had to stop and purchase our passes for today and Saturday.  Did our usual drive throughout the park stopping here and there.  It was a cold day !

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Moose Stories



We have seen dozens and dozens of moose in Algonquin and other places.   But we have had a few up close and personal interactions with moose. We are very cautious around them but I do love them.  I think of them as one of the “Big Five” of Canada.  Moose, bear, wolf, beaver and fox.  At least those are my Big Five !  So onto our encounters…..

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Algonquin Park – My Favourite Place

bearAlgonquin Park is our favourite park and one of our most favourite place; if you haven’t been here, you need to go.  We spend 2-7 weeks here every year; we will come for the day or stay for up to 3 weeks at a time.  We have camped in different sites in the park with our trailer and we also have done back country camping…..without our trailer.  lol

This guy was in our campsite June 2016 and he also followed us on a bike trail.

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Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Grundy Provincial Park

2016  – What can I say about Grundy Lake Provincial Park?  It’s our second favourite Park.  Trum loves driving around the park.  There are nine campgrounds and they also offer back country camping.  We do back country camping but we have not done it in this park.  However, it hasn’t been ruled out !  If you have not done back country camping before, this would be a great “starter” park.

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Chutes Provincial Park


So here we are at the Chutes Provincial Park.   The sites in this park are spacious, flat and fairly private surrounded by trees.  Close to the town of Massey.  There is only one trail at this park and it follows the Aux Sables river; about 6 km return.  Beautiful vistas, truly scenic.


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Munising, Michigan

pic-rocks-5We did not stay in Munising but we did stop there to do the Pictured Rocks boat tour.  If you are in the area, this is a must-see (in my opinion) and I don’t even LIKE boats so if I recommend it, then that’s something.  This is well worth the stop.     Pictured Rocks Cruises


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Copper Harbour, Michigan

Copper Harbour

brockway-mtn7Copper Harbour is such a neat place and one of the best scenic drives we have ever taken was in this area.  Brockway Mountain Drive is about 10 miles long and is the highest paved road between the Rockies and Alleghenies.  The views are spectacular.



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Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan

lake of the clouds

We left Duluth, MI to head for Porcupine Mountains State Park.  We stopped at the Greater Michigan Tourist Centre, in the middle of nowhere !  Huge, wonderful building with an observation tower, museum, gift shop etc.  Just a very neat place to spend some time. Then on to the Porkies !(as they are referred to) and to Lake on the Clouds. (pic left)

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