Algonquin Park – Fall 2022…Trails

We hiked a lot this trip, so many trails in this Park, it’s hard to do them all in one trip. But we try.

Big Pines Trail is one that we hiked this trip, we hadn’t done it for years so thought we would refresh our memory. It was only about 3 kms so not a long hike.

Some photos from some other trails we did…

Below is the Cache Lake Historic site. There is a short trail with interpretive signs telling the history of the railroad and the Highland Inn which used to be to the right of the parking lot. It must have been quite something to see! It was a year round resort in use from 1908 to 1957, built by the Grand Trunk Railway. It was located near the park offices on the northern edge of Cache Lake, and was a focal point for the park for many years.

Well that’s it for today, I could probably write 20 or more Blog posts on the trails in Algonquin Park but not today! See you later…..

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