Photo Presentation

I was asked in the summer of 2021 if I would like to do a presentation this winter. What is Armchair Traveller you may ask?

Lola Reid Allin started this event a few years ago. There are 4 talks from the Fall to the Spring at the Art Gallery upstairs in the City of Belleville Library. We have seen many presentations from various people, including Lola herself. We have been taken to Australia, Japan, Antartica, Vietnam, Africa, Morocco, the Bears of Khutzeymatteen and so many more. Clint and I did a presentation this past March on our trip to India. The purpose is to take people to places they may not get to.

It’s not so much a Photography showing as it is a Story Event, if that makes sense. Photos do not have to be Award Winning (Thankfully lol) but they should tell a story of some kind and show the audience other parts of the country, continent or world. You never know what people will want to listen to but I think I have a good variety. I have compiled some of my favourite places, photos and stories which is to be about 50 minutes long. (maybe 53 minutes)

Am I nervous? Yes. I retired over 8 years ago but when I was working, I used to do a lot of presentations and tours for my job. Since then my husband and I have done numerous presentations to various clubs but this is the first one on my own.

My photos were all printed out by Mike Gaudaur at Quinte Studios. He is the best. He also did a presentation a few years ago on his time living in Africa and photographing the country.

Here are a few of my photos hanging in the gallery until January 27. The first two photos, bear and bird, were done on Canvas and the rest paper of different sorts. The Madawaska River (3rd photo)was printed on a metallic paper and it looks terrific.

If you live in my area, I hope you can make it. If not, I hope you enjoyed seeing my photos here.

See you next time………..

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