Quinte West Biking Trail

I have mentioned this before but here goes again, we live in a fantastic area. Cities, wineries, breweries, lots of waterways, bike trails, museums, fantastic restaurants…. I could go on and on but I won’t! We like to bike ride so one hot day this year we decided to drive to the City of Trenton, park at City Hall and ride part of the bike trail, heading west. You can head into the County right from Trenton now. We normally go to Belleville, they have terrific bike/walking trails along the Bay of Quinte but we decided to switch it up!

City of Quinte West – City Hall and Library right on the Bay of Quinte
Part is paved and part is dirt/gravel
And part is almost grassy!
One view from the bike trail
Heading back to Trenton
The red roofed building is the Marina
Marina building
Some of the boats on the Bay of Quinte

We have two bridges in Trenton to go over the water, this is a view from the west side looking east

Below is from behind Tomasso’s restaurant and River Brake Cafe, (downtown Trenton), also looking across the river

Clint riding ahead of me while I take a photo!

So we will definitely be doing this bike trail again and hopefully stop for a beer or lunch along the water somewhere. The day we went we were still in lockdown in Ontario so that was not possible.

Stay safe !

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