A day in The County before the Big Storm….

We decided to take a drive to The County, I’m sure you have heard me speak of this island before…….lots of breweries, wineries, restaurants…….etc etc. First stop after we went over the bridge was Campbell’s Orchards. They have the best scones we have ever had, picture this…chocolate raspberry, cranberry lemon or maybe apple cinnamon or blueberry. Delicious! Except they didn’t have any. But they did have a dog so there’s that……..there he is lying in front of the woodstove in the store. Cute eh?

We drove to Sandbanks Provincial Park but no one had tamped down the trails, we were the first, and we didn’t have our snowshoes so we did not do our regular trails that we like. We did make our way over to the shoreline to see Lake Ontario though.

We headed into Wellington and to Wellington Beach where my favourite lighthouse is located. I didn’t take any photos of the lighthouse today but here is one I took a year or two ago in the winter. This is one of my favourite photos but it’s not how it looked Friday !

Off to Picton to the Agrarian Market, one of our favourite little markets. They are small but have a unique selection of items, some vegans/vegetarians/gluten free items and other local items. Not all items are local but always unique, not your run of the mill grocery store items I guess is what I’m trying to say. They also have a bakery for croissants, breads, muffins, etc.

On to the Waring House Inn for lunch………we like to eat in the Barley Room Pub but they have some lovely dining room areas to eat in as well.

The Waring House is a wonderful place, restaurant, cooking school, entertainment, wedding venue, rooms and more.

One of the hotel buildings where you can stay.

Last stop was Prince Eddy’s Brewery so Clint could pick up some more of a beer he likes, “Liquid Hot Magma • Rum Barrel Aged Chili & Chocolate Stout.” How’s that for a beer name?

All in all, a nice couple of hours. Later that evening it started to snow and snowed all night. We got about 34-35 cm I believe they said which is about 14 inches of snow. PLUS, thunder and lightening woke me up in the night. Weird winter………Is anyone else having weird winter weather where they live?

So that’s that for today……..thanks for reading about our adventures!

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