More Local Area Shenanigans – Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward

This past Friday we took a tour of our Local Humane Society. It hasn’t been open very long and I have been wanting to go see what it looked like. The other building was really run down and they needed a new one. This one cost 5 million dollars and most of the money has, or will come, from fund raisers. The new building sits between two cities and they each gave money and a Provincial grant was also provided.

The building is really big and they are able to hold approximately 25 dogs, 100 cats and assorted other small animals, i.e. rabbits, rats, birds, guinea pigs. All the rooms are painted with free fear pallets which help with stress reduction. It is explained more thoroughly in the link above.

We were taken to a room and given a briefing on where the money came from, how many staff and all sorts of other questions. As to how many staff, we were told there are 21 staff; full time, part time and contract. They are looking to hire 3 more people and they have over 300 names on the volunteer list. One of the ladies who work there had a dog named Cocoa on a leash and she was able to come over to me to be petted, the dog not the lady. Cocoa was a sweetheart.

They also had a room for birds but we were not allowed to go in but a fellow showed me one of the birds through the window.

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