Prince Edward Point – Migration Time!……………Or is it?

Prince Edward Point, in Prince Edward County, is a migration area. Point Traverse is right on Lake Ontario and this time of year the birds they are flying in for a stop on their way to wherever. There are a few trails here and a bird observatory and they also do bird banding.

We got up two different days last week at 5 a.m. for the one hour drive from our house to the Point. Monday we saw a few birds, but not as many as we thought we would see. Wednesday we went back hoping for more, but it was actually worse. Unfortunately we are leaving for Algonquin this weekend to find me some moose!…so we were only able to go out those two days. Hopefully the pickings got better for everyone else who drove out there. If I know the names of the birds, they are on the photos. Sometimes I think I know them, or I don’t, and just put “Bird” as the caption. Anyone who knows me knows that I use this chart when birding. I am not a birder, nor will I ever be. I like birds and if they are close then I will take a picture. People try to tell me the names of birds that I don’t know, but I forget 2 seconds after they tell me and at the end of the day, I don’t really care lol. But hopefully you will enjoy the mystery bird photos.

We did spot some Turkey Vultures on the way home, they are such a cool looking bird and I was able to get some photos of them.

We decided to take some back roads before heading home and we went Ostrander Road where they were going to build some windmills at one point. Then someone discovered that there were Blandings Turtles in the area and the windmill project was kaput. Coincidentally as we were driving down this narrow dirt road, there was a turtle on the road and I am pretty confident it is a Blanding (their status is Threatened).

One of the roads we drove, it might have been Ostrander, I can’t remember now. This road was very narrow and there were spots that were water covered, not more than 1 foot deep.

We also spotted a small waterfall and this guy on someone’s barn window on the way home. I thought it was a cute photo opportunity.

And then it was home for a nap, cause we’re old and we were tired………….

Stay safe friends !

8 thoughts on “Prince Edward Point – Migration Time!……………Or is it?”

  1. So many cute critters in this post, Susan! My truck would scream at that flooded road! We call them a Turkey Buzzard back in Michigan. Have a happy weekend. 😊🍻

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  2. Thanks so much for the laughs, Susan! That chart. 😂 You may not know the names of each (neither do I) but you sure know how to photograph them! I love the variety where you are. I am with the cat! 😴 Great post!

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  3. Beautiful pictures! It seems the bird migration is 1-2 weeks late this year. My hummingbirds and Baltimore orioles were late. Maybe that is why your extremely early (for me) drive was disappointing. Lol

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    1. Thanks Diane, yeah I think they are a bit later this year. hahaha well we normally do not get up that early for sure lol. 5 o’clock is like the middle of the night lol I need my sleep. I was always told as you get older you sleep less, I do not lol.

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  4. Our peak migration was the 10th through the 12th and I was out two solid days and really saw no more birds than usual either – so I guess they were wrong or I need stronger glasses. 🙂 I like your Turkey Vulture and I like your chart to ID birds. That is about how I do it too. I have a bird book, but don’t carry it around with me. Sometimes I just use Google images and that tells me. I like the idea of just putting “bird” in the caption! That’s a beautiful Baltimore Oriole … that one I know. You are right about us being kids and rolling around in the grass and no worries. I can remember we kids would pull off clover and pull the flower apart as it tasted like honey on the roots. I would not do that today – who knows what animal or what pesticide was on that clover. Stories about that Giant Hogweed plant surface around here at least once a year and I had some tall weed in the backyard and it looked like it – I don’t know but I had two pair of gloves to get rid of it – it just grew huge within a week or two. My garden, once a paradise in the backyard, is nothing to write home about and what was once a joy to be in the garden, is now more or less a chore … I guess walking, blogging, taking pictures have usurped gardening. Safe travels to you as you head out moose hunting (photo ops-wise) for your long holiday.

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