7 Numbers Restaurant and Taste of Balkans

If you live locally and haven’t tried either of these spots, you should. We went for the second time to Taste of Balkans a couple of weeks ago as we really enjoyed it the first time we went. Terrific Mediterranean and Balkan food with some of these food items Raziadka, Shopska, Eggplant Moussaka, Chicken Schnitzel, Beef Chevapi and more.

Twice a year, Spring and Fall, Prince Edward County has an event called Countylicious which is a dining event with pre-fixed menus from several restaurants in The County. We always look forward to perusing the menus and deciding what restaurants we will be visiting. This spring, we only went to one restaurant and it was one we have not been to before. But, we will definitely be back. 7 Numbers Picton serves Southern Italian Cuisine, located downtown Picton. It was funny because we got there and saw some of their specials and ended up not having the Countylicious menu! The portion servings were large. I ordered Lasagna and I ate 1/4, Clint had some and the rest we took home and had an entire meal the next day for both of us. Clint also took home half of his Chicken Parm. The drinks were good, I had one called The Saint, (there is a photo below,I drank half of it before I took the photo,) it was super tasty. We will go back. I do enjoy a good cocktail.

So there, now you know where we like to eat ! On a side note, I took this photo last week when we went to 7 Numbers…….the gas station on our way out of Picton. The price has come down a little bit this week though. So 163.9 a litre which translates – 3.78 litres = 1 gallon. So about 6.50 ish a gallon. Whew that seems like a lot, greedy so and so’s……….

So if you are local and haven’t tried these two spots, it’s probably worth the drive.

Until next time……….

8 thoughts on “7 Numbers Restaurant and Taste of Balkans”

  1. Well I wish I lived local! You find the nicest places to eat. Yes, the price of everything is ridiculous, including gas. Hopefully the prices come down a little before you begin traveling again.

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      1. I got gas this morning and it was $38.00 for a little over a 1/2 tank of gas and on the news they said “good news – gas prices are down today.” Hmm. When I got my VW Beetle in August 1973, a full tank of gas was $3.00.

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