Swans, Hawks and ……….. More Swans and Hawks….

I guess it was about a week ago, or more, Clint and I went for a drive early in the morning to see what was out and about to photograph. We were disappointed for the most part, we saw an entertaining swan and a Red Tailed Hawk who sat and posed for a long time before taking flight. We haven’t been out much lately, except for appointments and errands, as it has been raining almost every day lately. Hopefully we will get some nice weather soon !

This Swan was pretty entertaining while he was having his daily bath. We did see quite a few Swan nests in the area so we will try to make the effort to get back out and see the young.

So that my friends, is that…………………….Until next time

13 thoughts on “Swans, Hawks and ……….. More Swans and Hawks….”

  1. I’m not a fan of hawks as they nab squirrels, but you have captured this one perfectly Susan … it is a beautiful bird and the leaves coming out in the background enhances it. The swan bathing is funny – they always amaze me how much they get into the whole bath routine. I had parakeets over the years who had a bathtub with plastic enclosure that sat on the opening to the cage – they loved it. But trying to get a canary to bathe in a tub didn’t work … he liked to plop into his water cup and go to town flipping his wings all over the place. You could not turn your head without him doing that and making a mess. I had to resort to a water tube. I always want to scrub the swan’s neck – the body feathers are pristine white and then there’s that dirty neck/head from diving for aquatic plants at the bottom of the water. [I’m curious – I see you put your name on these photos – did someone use one of your photos without permission? Hope not.]

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    1. I was just fooling around when I was editing and thought I would add my name. I used to always put my name on and then stopped but I have a friend who keeps telling me I should always have my signature on my photos. No, no one used them, I don’t think ! lol

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      1. Some of the bloggers I follow put their signatures on all their photos and some just on some of their photos. Well I hope that didn’t happen to you … the photos of the hawk were beautiful, so close up.

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