Algonquin Park – Fall 2022…Whitney Area

Whitney is a small town just outside the East end of Algonquin Park and we have to drive through it to get into the Park. Whitney has a population of about 1,200 people and has a couple of restaurants and motels. Mad Musher is one of our favourite restaurants owned by Steve, a fellow photographer. We also like to go for breakfast to the Algonquin Lunch Bar which also boasts one of two gas stations in the town.

It’s a pretty area with the Madawaska river running through the town. This is a very scenic river and we like to take a lot of photos of the river. Some of the side roads are really pretty in the fall too. Here is a collection of some photos I took in the Whitney area.

I love Fall, my favourite season and I’m already looking ahead to next years Autumn 🙂

I thought I would post these colourful Fall photos today to cheer myself up, we are having a big blizzard right now, winter is here………….not my favourite season!

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