Foxes Gotta Eat Too

Fox Mom with a Robin in her mouth

Foxes are not Vegan, I’ll just say that right here lol. I had the good fortune, or misfortune, to see them with dead things that they were going to eat. Or in the case of the fox kits, play with the dead body and then eat. Hey it’s nature. Right? So here goes…

They are great hunters, using their sight, terrific sense of smell and acute hearing. Normally they will hunt at sunrise, sunset and through the night, digging underground if they hear something in the dirt. They have a varied diet and will eat voles, mice, squirrels, rabbits, insects, berries, eggs, fish, nestlings, garbage, you name it and they will most likely eat it. They used to have a reputation for stealing chickens from farms but now they eat so many crop destroying mammals and insects that they can be appreciated. I have photos of them with rabbits, squirrels, eggs, robins and voles in their mouths. They are pretty quick to catch a bird or maybe the bird is not so bright.

Mom Fox with a Robin in her mouth

So Mom caught a Robin and gave it to one of the kits. He was pretty happy about it, he nabbed it right up and took it into the den.

Dropping the Robin for the young one
And he has it now! Thanks Mom

I took the photo below in Algonquin Park a few years ago.

Papa Fox with a Loon egg

One of his kits was quite fascinated by this Snapping Turtle laying her eggs. The Turtles lay them and leave, for good. So this young fox was probably thinking, hurry and go!

I got a squirrel!

The young fox above has a squirrel and he is going to take it to a rock to eat it and probably taunt his siblings.

What’s that you got?
Can I have some?

He, or one of them, played with that squirrel for ages and in fact, we went back another day and one of them was still playing with it.

I’m leaving with it because I’m not sharin
Fox kit with a vole in his mouth
Quite proud of himself, although he did not kill it, Mom did

Hope you enjoyed my nature stories. Stay Safe.

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