Dog Sled Races – Stoco Lake Lodge, Tweed

This past Saturday morning we headed to Stoco Lake Lodge in Tweed, Ontario to watch dog sled races. We didn’t get there early enough because I like to watch the Skijoring but it was already over with before we got there. We did watch some races and stayed until they broke for lunch. Then we left…… The races were supposed to be Sunday as well but they cancelled them due to poor quality of snow and dangers to the dogs.

How about a few more? We aren’t bored yet are we?

We went into Finn’s Pub in the Lodge and had a break which involved a beer. Really nice pub, we didn’t have any food so I can’t say what that is like.

We left the races and headed to Tweed for lunch.

We also stopped to photograph Chisholms Mill that morning, which in retrospect I guess I should have started with !

And so that was our day, finishing with a lovely evening at the Old Church Theatre to see Jerry Leger perform………..

See you soon……..

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