Primrose Donkey Sanctuary – Daisies for Donkeys Event

This is my Birthday Month, my birthday is 2 May but I started my Birthday Month on 1 May, haha. I knew my actual birthday day was going to be rainy and cold and it was, so Sunday, a beautiful day (albeit windy) we went for a drive and ended up at Primrose Donkey Sanctuary. I think it’s about 60 kms from where we live, so not a long drive at all.

What a great spot, we have been here before but it’s been a couple of years, or more. It was their annual fundraiser called Daisies for Donkeys Event. One of the volunteers told me they have 38 donkeys in their care, plus I saw a goat, a sheep, some cats and a couple of horses. It is quite the undertaking and it’s wonderful that people devote their time and/or lives to taking care of animals. It’s a big responsibility and I know there is always the worry of not having enough money and/or volunteers to help out. They have a pretty big property and lots of barns and little donkey houses so everyone is well taken care of. They all wear little collars with their names on them, names like, Raspeberry, Agatha, John, Charlie, Ambrose, Eeyore, Primrose, Don Quixote, Amilia and more! The volunteers are aweseome and know each donkey by name. We really enjoyed our time there on Sunday and I hope they received a lot of donations.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and stay safe!

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