Primrose Donkey Sanctuary – Daisies for Donkeys Event

This is my Birthday Month, my birthday is 2 May but I started my Birthday Month on 1 May, haha. I knew my actual birthday day was going to be rainy and cold and it was, so Sunday, a beautiful day (albeit windy) we went for a drive and ended up at Primrose Donkey Sanctuary. I think it’s about 60 kms from where we live, so not a long drive at all.

What a great spot, we have been here before but it’s been a couple of years, or more. It was their annual fundraiser called Daisies for Donkeys Event. One of the volunteers told me they have 38 donkeys in their care, plus I saw a goat, a sheep, some cats and a couple of horses. It is quite the undertaking and it’s wonderful that people devote their time and/or lives to taking care of animals. It’s a big responsibility and I know there is always the worry of not having enough money and/or volunteers to help out. They have a pretty big property and lots of barns and little donkey houses so everyone is well taken care of. They all wear little collars with their names on them, names like, Raspeberry, Agatha, John, Charlie, Ambrose, Eeyore, Primrose, Don Quixote, Amilia and more! The volunteers are aweseome and know each donkey by name. We really enjoyed our time there on Sunday and I hope they received a lot of donations.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and stay safe!

12 thoughts on “Primrose Donkey Sanctuary – Daisies for Donkeys Event”

  1. This looks like a fun place to visit Susan. I’ve been to the local alpaca farm a couple of times and had fun walking around and meeting them – we’re just kids at heart. I feel sorry for the donkey whose eyes have to be protected when she deep dives into the hay. I’m going to share this post with Heather, a fellow blogger who lives in the UK, who loves donkeys. She had a contest on her blog a year ago or so and I guessed correctly and won a year adoption of Ashley, a donkey at the Donkey Sanctuary in the UK.

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    1. I was thinking maybe she was mistreated before coming to the sanctuary and maybe starved? Of course that’s speculation but I did wonder why she rushes the hay bale. Oh that’s nice you won an adoption 😊 we also have alpaca farms around our area, they are pretty cool looking animals

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      1. That makes sense – to not feed animals, domestic or otherwise, makes me mad and sad. On news sites on social media they show homes where people hoarded dogs or cats – they’re emaciated, dirty and often have to be euthanized due to sickness. The Donkey Sanctuary in the UK is also for neglected or mistreated donkeys. I was excited to win adoptee Ashley. 🙂 Yes, they are cool and I didn’t get spit on either time; hope you didn’t either! The alpaca farm where I go boards alpacas and they have their own as well. After they shear them in the Spring, they bag and ship the wool off to be naturally dyed and labeled with that alpaca’s name on each skein. You can buy handknit items and women go to their gift shop for knitting sessions. The couple who own the farm are very nice and gave up other jobs to buy the alpaca farm.

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      2. I don’t know how people can be so mean to animals but then people can be like that with other people too. It’s heartbreaking to see any kind of abuse, people or animals. Our local alpaca places sell wool items too, they are so funny. I love their expressions.

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      3. Me too – you mentioned your Strut for Mutts when I mentioned our version called the Mutt Strut. This is a huge shelter, fairly new and very large because the city of Dearborn had such a large population of abandoned and abused animals. I will never understand abuse of anyone either, no matter the species. Yes, those alpacas were funny – I was there once at “treat time” and the owners cuddled with them a little before their treat. I like how they all run to the fence to check you out, then you pass muster, so thy all run the other way again.

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