Just a couple of lakes in Algonquin Park… Autumn 2021

Algonquin is a big park, 7,630 km² (or about 2,946 square miles) of forests, bogs, lakes and rivers. Not to mention, there are so many lakes in this Park, with over 2000 kms of canoe routes and portages. We have a few favourites that we like to paddle and we try to do as many as possible. Our thing is, if we see water, we stop and put our canoe in for a paddle.

Coots Lake – I like this lake, it’s not a big lake but we always enjoy it. It’s right on Highway 60. We have to park across the highway from it and carry everything over to the lake and down a slope to the water.

Lake of Two Rivers Lake – We also like to paddle in Lake of Two Rivers lake. We start off at the beach and you can go down the Madawaska River and you can also paddle to the other end of the Lake and paddle into Pog Lake. From Pog Lake you can go into Whitefish Lake if you want. There is a short portage from Pog into Whitefish. Below photos are Lake of Two Rivers lake taken on a misty morning.

Whitefish Lake is a lake we like to paddle and this time we saw some otters! They are hard to photograph because they are very quick and like to take off as soon as they see people. There is an arm of the lake you can go down towards Pog Lake and if you go under the bridge you can get into another small body of water.

More lakes to come in another post, hope you like my photos. Stay safe.

13 thoughts on “Just a couple of lakes in Algonquin Park… Autumn 2021”

  1. “2000 kms of canoe routes and portages” – Sounds and looks like heaven. I love kayaking – being intimate with the water, seeing things from that perspective. Your photos are stunning! The early morning and peaceful ones took my breath away. Thank you.

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    1. Oh I did not know you kayaked! Is that a word? Lol. There is nothing better than being out on the water, in a canoe or kayak of course. I’m not a fan of motorboats. So peaceful and soothing and yes the perspective is different 😊

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      1. Yes! I love it! 🥰 I grew up with a father who always had a bass/fishing boat. Fishing was boring, but I loved to water ski, so it was a tradeoff. That was back in the day when lakes were more peaceful – no or few jet skis, normal size boats, not yachts in a lake.

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      2. Nice! I have never tried water skiing. This is why I love Algonquin Park, only a handful of lakes allow motors. And some that do only allow 5 HP. And no jet skis 😊. I do want to try a SUP this summer though !

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      3. I haven’t water skied in a long time, but I sure had a blast through the years. That sounds like a peaceful lake. You will love the SUP. It is fun! I plan on doing just that before it gets too hot. Enjoy!

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  2. Nothing like Fall to give you those gorgeous reflections – wow. I can see why this is a favorite spot for you. The Otter is cute and recently a River Otter was discovered in the Detroit River – not been here for almost a century. There might be hope yet for our waterways.

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      1. Yes, they spend more time underwater than above it! Maybe he did get lost if it’s been that long. Perhaps he rode on one of the freighters that goes to Canada and jumped off. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful and makes me a bit sad. Camped for three weeks straight from the time I was two years old at Pog lake with my family until my teens. Still visited every year. My dad’s ashes were spread in Cache lake a few years ago. One of the lakes we often boated.

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