Algonquin Park – Couple more lakes….- Autumn 2021

March Hare Lake, what it looks like normally

March Hare Lake – It rained so much that one of my favourite spots to photograph had their beaver dam almost under water. This was at March Hare Lake and normally the beaver dam is quite visible. We have paddled this lake and we had to climb on the beaver dam to be able to get into our canoe so it’s usually not under water. We park on the road and there is a very little marsh area and then the dam and then the rest of the lake. Below you can see the dam is visible and we can walk along the side and put our canoe in the lake. I might also add, there are leeches galore in this dam, my Nemesis, so I always wear boots.

Source Lake is another nice lake.

Kearney Lake – this is a small lake but I really like it. By the time we get there in the fall, the campground and therefore the road into the campground is closed so we have to park and portage our canoe and gear in order to get to the lake. It’s a short walk and then we have the whole lake to ourselves.

Still more Algonquin Park to come! Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Couple more lakes….- Autumn 2021”

  1. I know why Fall is my favorite season – I never tire of seeing the Fall colors or the reflections on the water. I like your caption “Maestro” – that is exactly what it looks like he is doing!

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  2. That is a lot of rain! Please send some our way. Yesterday it was 102 F. and today it was pushing 100 degrees. Rain would be nice. Your photos are spectacular! I love the pop of color and the photo with the two chairs near the water looks like the most serene place to spend an afternoon. 🕊️ I love your shares! Thank you. 😊

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  3. 102! Wow yesterday we went to a bird migration area to take photos and I was wearing a touque and mitts lol. I hope it warms up here but not as warm as where you live!


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