A Great April Day Trip this past Monday- Guess Where?

I have been posting Blog posts about our trip to Algonquin Park that we took last September/October. However, this past Monday (11 April) we went to Algonquin Park for the day. Coincidentally, on the same day, I had a post publish about Moose that I had photographed last Fall. It struck me as funny that it posted because we were in the Park and saw a bunch of ducks, wild turkeys and 6 moose. Which was exciting for me because I can never get enough of seeing those moose.

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day in the Park. There is not a lot of snow left up there, mostly deep in the bush. Still some snow on the south side of the highway in the ditches and most lakes are still iced up but it is starting to come away from the shore. Spring and young wildlife is finally on it’s way.

So anyways, enjoy some of my photos from this past Monday, in no particular order…..

So that was a great day, six moose is a pretty good number to see and I was excited to see the turkeys, I think they are so cute (in a weird kinda way)

Take care and see you again…

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