Photo Display, Old Church, Avro Arrow and More


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So this past weekend was pretty good, hectic though !  We had photos in one of our photography clubs photo display this weekend at the Quinte Mall.  Photo-Nat photography club to be precise.  Every year our members display their photos in the hopes of increasing our membership and to display our work.  We also volunteer to man OR woman the display booth lol.   The photos were all fantastic, a lot of talent in this group of people.   It was a great weekend and I think we did acquire some new members but we will see when we have our next meeting, which is Wednesday 27 February.  Our guest speaker will be Mark Raycroft who is an awesome speaker.  He has written books on wildlife, more specifically moose and deer and also has a Podcast called Wild and Exposed.

Photos below are ME at the Mall Display and some of my photos that I put in the display.  If you can see it, in the photo of me, there is a canvas with a bear cub on it, that’s Clint’s photo.   It’s beautiful and I have a photo of the same cub climbing a tree.  I did not do any of my photos on canvas this year.


Clint and I did our stint at the booth Thursday Afternoon, Friday morning, Friday evening and Saturday morning. In between those times, we went to our Geneology Club meeting in Trenton, attended a meeting at a different photo club, Quinte Photo Club, attended a concert at the Old Church Theatre   went for our Post-Valentine’s Day beer at Signal Brewery and headed to Milford (in Prince Edward County) to attend a presentation on the Avro Arrow.

Thursday afternoon we took our turn at the booth at the Quinte Mall and that evening we went to a Quinte Photo Club.  Jenna Faye of Jenna Faye Photography was our guest speaker.  She is a portrait photographer and the meeting was interesting.

Friday afternoon, after we worked a shift at the Photo Display and before we had to return at 5 p.m. to work another shift at the Photo Display…….we headed over to sit at the bar at Signal Brewery to have our Valentine’s Day beer, yes it’s a thing…………and a bite to eat.  I love their flat breads and soup but not today !  Today their daily flatbread was lamb………..bleh.  Anyone remember Lisa Simpson from the TV show the Simpsons?  Well that was me……………And their soup was Tomato Basil.  No thanks…………..any soup with the word Tomato in it is basically Tomato soup regardless of how restaurants try to trick you.  Am I right?  So I ordered Pork Tacos and salad and Clint had a Beef sandwich and salad.  All good food however I need to say it again……………lamb…….bleh…..  But having said all that, the food at Signal is very good and I love to go there.

Clint also ordered their balaclava which was presented in a spectacular fashion and was good.  I also enjoyed my Signal Firewire IPA.    So Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who celebrate with beer.

My glass of beer and Clint’s balaclava…….


Geneology Club, if you are into this type of thing, holds one meeting a month, third Saturday.  Held at the Quinte West Library at 1 p.m. and we always have a guest speaker and it’s a pretty informative meeting.  They also have a Technical meeting on the first Wednesday evening of the month also held at the Library.

So that was Saturday afternoon and then that evening we headed to the Old Church, a place everyone must know by now that I enjoy going to.  The entertainer this day was Dylan Ireland.  He is local and we have seen him before but we enjoyed him the first time we saw him so here we go again.  He put on a great show; it was supposed to start at 730 p.m. but didn’t start until at 8 p.m. which is disappointing but the late start was not his fault, and he didn’t stop playing until about 10:25 p.m.   Great show.   And I had a nice beer, or two.

Dylan Ireland
My Flying Monkey’s Live Transmission IPA


Sunday afternoon we  attended a presentation on the Avro Arrow.   If you don’t know what the Avro Arrow is, or was, it’s quite an intriguing part of our Canadian Heritage.  A google for this topic would be in order.  Or you can hit all the links I am putting here to read up on this controversial subject.  Each link I have pasted here lead to various pages and/or articles on the Avro, so hit ’em all !


For those that want a quick read about it, here it is in a nutshell…………….

In the 1950’s A.V. Roe Canada (Avro) designed and built the CF-105 Arrow.  It was a supersonic interceptor jet aircraft and was one of the most advanced aircraft of its era.  In February 1959,  Prime Minister John Diefenbaker abruptly cancelled the project resulting in the loss of at least 25,000 direct and indirect jobs.  For more detailed info on the aircraft itself, click this link please……. Avro Arrow

There is also a Facebook page where you can view videos and keep up to date on the recovery process.

The presentation we attended was based on this group, OEX Recovery Group Incorporated (OEX) doing recovery of the Avro models in Lake Ontario.  They started recovery in 2017 being financially supported by a group of Canadian mining companies and financial institutions.  They have recovered one free flight test model and various other artifacts and are continuing the search.  Very interesting and actually quite sad.  We were told at the presentation when the Canadian Government shut down this endeavour, they actually had the aircraft bulldozed where they stood, not to mention the thousands of people who were out of work.  Now naturally a lot of these engineers and designers went to the USA to work at NASA or other organizations.  I have been wondering what the future of Canada would have looked like had they been able to continue.  Any thoughts?

So that was our weekend in a nutshell !

Always things to do, places to go and stuff to see…………….Boredom is a word not in our vocabulary…………



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