Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 9 – 2009

So here we are again, going back to Carcajou Bay off Grand Lake.  We like this area and no portages to get to our campsite.  So that’s a bonus.  Just a little paddle in site and we can even take more stuff, cause you can never have too much stuff !

Alq canoe 08_15_2009 14
My sister and her husband

Alq canoe 08_15_2009 01
View of our campsite from the water, you can barely see it
Alq canoe 08_20_2009 51
Our campsite

Did lots of day trips this year.   I can’t remember them all but we did a lot of the usual.

Alq canoe 08_16_2009 32

Sometimes it is tricky, you head down a trail to the water and this is what you have to work with.   You have to put your canoe in at this spot and it’s not always easy.

Alq canoe 08_16_2009 35
But here we are, almost back in the water !
Alq canoe 08_20_2009 53
Beautiful evening
Alq canoe 08_21_2009 118
An example of some of the trails we portage
Alq canoe 08_21_2009 80
Alq canoe 08_16_2009 29
We paddle in the oddest areas.  We paddled down this river through the marsh.  I use the term river loosely lol

One day we paddled over and then hiked into High Falls.  What a great time we had.  In the summer months, High Falls is crowded with people !  People hike in or canoe in and just have fun.

Alq canoe 08_17_2009 102

Alq canoe 08_21_2009 61
I believe this is going into Lower Spectacle Lake from Carcajou Bay
Alq canoe 08_18_2009 49
Scenic View

I never get tired of views like above photograph.   So see you next installment !

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