Hillier – A day in the County

Adult Heron guarding a nest

I haven’t published much, well probably haven’t published anything, since the Apocalypse began.  I just haven’t had a lot of motivation which I’m sure is happening to a lot of people.  But we have been keeping busy at home and occasionally we have taken our camera gear and headed out for a drive to see what we can see. We need to do more of that!  We are so used to traveling and not being home that this is a big switch for us.

Hopefully everyone who reads this is staying well and staying safe and………….. enjoy my photos!

So last week we headed out to Prince Edward County towards Hillier.  For my International readers, this is a very popular area in the province of Ontario, Canada.  And it is about a 30-40 minute drive from where we live.

We had a great day photographing.  We saw egrets, a heronry, Ospreys, Purple Martins, Pileated Woodpecker, swans and more !

Herons are a favourite of ours to photograph, we usually do it from our canoe when we go for a paddle.  Having said that, I have never seen a heronry before so it was pretty cool.  Now there were four nests in this area and quite far away so keep that in mind when viewing the pics !  Can you spot the four nests?


I did this one in B&W, I kinda like it
I don’t know where the adult heron was putting his head but you can make out the babies in the nest.

Just before we left an egret swooped down and sat in a tree for a bit alongside the herons.


I saw a cute Robin with his/her mouth chock full of grass.

Robin 2-studio

Purple Martins

A swan was sitting around in the same area, just chilling.  Far off, in behind where the herons were, there was a second swan sitting on a big nest.  Way too far away to get any kind of shot. I only have a 300 mm and at times am limited to what I can photograph from a distance.





On the way home,  we spotted an Osprey nest, there are a ton of osprey nests around this year.  He was not skittish at all and I was able to get some really great shots, so says I !



Ouch !  Hot wire lol
Osprey nest, kinda messy don’t you think?

Random flower photos and fuzzy rushes that I took photos of.



I took this  photo and tried it in B&W, colour pic below


Thanks for reading and now I’ll go work on my Algonquin Blog post, we were there yesterday for the day !


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