Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Rock

We headed out camping to this park for a few days. It is a great park and one of our favourites for paddling. We had a nice site and set up and thought WTH. There were Gypsy Moth Caterpillars all over the place, I’m talking thousands upon thousands. If you have never heard of them or have never had an encounter with them, I will tell you one important thing…….avoid them at all costs! They are horrible. You can hear sounds like it’s raining but it’s not, it’s the caterpillars pooping, I‘m not making this up. Had I known the park was infested, we would have stayed home. We are fortunate we don’t have any on our property but my son lives in Toronto and he says they are there. In fact, one of our favourite parks in Toronto, High Park, has an infestation. Long story short, we ended up coming home early.

A view from the shore
The Rock

We did not paddle because the wind was also horrible lol. There were white caps and rough waters every day. We did go for some drives and I got to watch a small snake eat a fish in the water!


I watched him go under a rock, more or less, and eat a fish. It looked like a little Sunfish. He spent an inordinate amount of time under that rock with that fish.

Yum Lunch

Below are some photos of the area where we saw the snake.

Some random shots below of a few insects, not those caterpillars! haha

Below is one of the areas in the Park, we normally launch our canoe at this spot, and head out onto Bon Echo Lake.

One evening we went for a walk in the Park and we ended up standing by the shore. Two Loons were swimming around and one swam right up to me which was pretty awesome. I love Loons, they are a favourite of mine. I did a video on my phone of the Loons and one of them coming right up to me where I was standing. I love the sounds they make, so turn the sound on! Loon Video Below! Just click on the photo once, maybe twice and be prepared to be enthralled! They are the coolest birds.

We went for a drive another day and spotted this guy in a field. Somebody got creative! A very interesting tree and someone stuck a rubber mask on it.

Well that was our short trip, we ended up coming home earlier than we were supposed to.

Have a great summer !

9 thoughts on “Bon Echo Provincial Park”

  1. Your beautiful photos are always a virtual vacation for me. Caterpillar poop and snakes. Oh my! We have rattlesnakes where I live – I have learned to be aware and coexist. I did listen to the clip of the caterpillar poop sound effects. 😆 Nature is fascinating and sometimes quite messy!

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    1. Thank you so much ! Rattlesnakes ! I haven’t seen one in person. We watched for them carefully when we traveled to some of the southern States. These caterpillar guys were definitely messy!

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  2. That sounds disgusting! I’m glad I have never encountered them. But the park looks so beautiful. How on earth did you catch that snake eating a fish? I have been in nature my entire life and have never seen such a thing. Awesome post as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it was disgusting, we have never come home early from a camping trip in our life lol. Yes it’s a nice park we’ve been there many times and I love it there but not this time. I just happen to be walking by a river and saw the snake and I was just in the right place at the right time. They are kind of fascinating! Thank you😊

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