Fox Family Love

A Dad and his boy

I have so many photos of foxes this year, I still have not went through them all, what I thought I would do is break them down into different blog posts. So here goes……

We were fortunate enough this spring to see 3 fox families. The first family we saw had 4 kits and it was fun watching them. I know there are people who don’t think animals have feelings; they will hunt them, trap them, abuse them or treat them with indifference. But when you see them in their environments and observe their reactions and emotions, well I feel they are not so different from us at all. In fact they are probably more in tune with their families, emotions and lives than we are. Probably because they don’t own cell phones…..

I did a Blog post on Wildlife Ethics a while back; things like not feeding wildlife, not encroaching on their space and several other items. These 3 families we were watching, we were quite far from them. We did not want to scare them or make them used to us. At the end of the day, as cute as they can be, they are still wild animals and should be treated as such.

But in the meantime, here is one of my fox encounter stories.

We were watching a Mom and her four kits playing, interacting and just being together. One was always kind of stand offish but the other three were wrestling and teasing each other. All of a sudden the kits started getting excited and making their little yipping sounds. I looked to the left and there was Dad Fox coming over to visit. The kits went crazy!

Dad !

Below photo, Mom is at the bottom of the photo and three of the kits are chasing Dad.

Mom is taking a break

They would not leave him alone and yet the fourth one barely came around to see him. Maybe he was making strange.

This is adorable

My Dad

They all chased him but there was one in particular that would not leave Dad alone. Trying to hug him and play with him, it was quite something to see. I have to say I teared up a little watching them, I still smile when I think of that day. I wish I had four hands so I could have videotaped it as well as taking still shots.

He did not stay very long at all. He played with the young ones and had a moment with Mom and then he was off. I don’t think Mom wanted him to leave either.

Mom and Dad – a tender moment

When he left the kits ran after him, they did not want him to leave. But leave he did and the kits eventually went back to where their Mom was. But what a wonderful thing to see.

And he’s off……

Hope you enjoyed my Fox story. I have so many photos so thought I would break it down into a few Blog posts so they aren’t too long. I could look at these photos all day.

Take care

8 thoughts on “Fox Family Love”

  1. Your vibrant photos are the inspiration for a children’s story. Truly.
    Your comment about people hunting and trapping animals made me teary. I just can’t imagine.
    I so appreciate your photographic talents and the details you share. Thank you. 🙏🏼🌻

    Liked by 1 person

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