Ontario – 11-13 June – Summer 2017

We left our home on Sunday 11 June 2017.   33 Celsius and stinking hot !!

I had a terrible cold and Clint said maybe we should delay our trip but like a trooper I said Nope Let’s Roll !    I’ll sleep in the truck.  Which is exactly what I did for the first couple of days.  We drove to Kitchener, Ontario for the first night.  We had received a recall notice for our trailer and had an appointment at Leisure Days RV Centre for the next day.


We stayed at Whisper Bare Campground  It was a nice park and that’s about all I remember cause you know, I was sick and all.  lol

I think we had a bite to eat and I went to sleep; stupid summer colds.  Our trailer appointment was the next morning and we were in and out of there in no time. Those guys/gals are great !  Super nice trailer place to deal with.

But now Clint wasn’t feeling well so we decided to drive to Sarnia and get a site for the night.  Just in case he got worse.   Next thing you know those two monkeys will get sick……………….


Monday 12 June –   Holy snickerdoodle, it is hotter today than yesterday.  Probably 35 Celsius.  We drove to Sarnia area and stayed at Paradise Campground (45$ a night), nice park.  They don’t appear to have a website but I think they are on Facebook.


I was feeling better, well I wasn’t, but then Clint suggested trying a local microbrewery and that perked me up !  lol


We went to Refined Fool’s Brewing Company in Sarnia.  Nice place and we shared 8 samples but strangely ended up getting beer at the Beer Store on the way back to the trailer.  I did like their IPAs and Pale Ale.  There is only this 1 microbrewery in Sarnia and apparently they are opening a second location.  Sarnia is a big city so I am surprised there are no other microbreweries.  Great opportunity for someone !



Tomorrow we leave for Michigan (13 June)

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