Yukon, Alaska and More – Summer 2017

Well I can’t believe we got to the Yukon and Alaska but we did !  What an exciting summer/fall for us.  25,600 km and 52 campgrounds.  We left on Sunday 11 June; returning home Monday 25 September.  We left Ontario and drove to South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, up to Alberta, British Columbia and then into the Yukon!  We drove the Alaskan Highway and on to the  “Top of the World” Highway to head into Alaska.   We decided to head back through the Yukon and enter Alberta from there and head into Saskatchewan, followed by Manitoba and finally back to Ontario, our home.


As anyone who reads Trums Travels knows, Trum is our travelling monkey companion.  This summer he had a little friend travelling with him.  I ordered a Canada 150 handmade Sock Monkey, (to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday).  The company is Monkeysandmore.com located in Digby, Nova Scotia.  Thanks to Sherrie and Dale, my little “Digby” monkey was shipped and arrived in time to go on our trip with us.

Some of our highlights were Glacier National Park, Montana; Yellowstone National Park, Montana; Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan; Denali National Park, Alaska; Dawson City, Yukon; Badlands, South Dakota; MooseJaw, Saskatchewan(yup surprised me too !); Custer State Park, South Dakota, Iditarod Headquarters, Alaska; an earthquake in Butte, Montana  and oh so many more places and events !  I can’t list them, or remember them all right now;  but we had a great time.  I have thousands of photos to go through but I would like to get some of my blog up on my website and will be adding my photos as soon as  I can.

I will be doing my blogs by State/Province/Dates and linking them to this main blog post titled ‘Yukon, Alaska and More – Summer 2017’  

Hope you enjoy reading !



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