Brighton Photo Group Field Day Trip !

Off to the RCAF Museum at 8 Wing Trenton    better known as the National Air Force Museum of Canada.  We were to meet others from our Brighton Photo Group for our Field Day.  Cameras – check; Tripods – check; money for lunch – check !  All ready to go – Check !

Our goal today, (other than have fun and go for lunch)………was:

“to use selective focus to isolate your image. And to add an extra dimension, you’ll be challenged to photograph geometric shapes of aircraft bits and pieces. For example, when looking at the “silver dart,” photograph the triangular shapes of the struts and supports, isolating them from the background to make a work of art.”

So in other words, be creative !  And anyone who knows me, knows that just give me a moose or a bear and I’m good lol.

Creative abstracts, not so much…………but hey ! I want to learn new things and branch out so let’s do this.

RCAF Museum LR Exported-4
So here is something…………can’t remember where in the museum I took this
RCAF Museum LR Exported-7_1457
I think this is part of a plane but not sure which one…………

The two above are my favourites.  I did take a couple of others, well I took a lot but I narrowed it down to a few.  Three hours and this is what I got. lol

I took a photo of some kind of cupboard door and then converted to Black and White,  (for some unknown reason)

RCAF Museum LR Exported-9_1465
This was part of the handle on a park bench that was located by the windows
RCAF Museum LR Exported-1_1459
I dunno know what this is either but it was neat looking
RCAF Museum LR Exported-2_1463
The museum is pretty well done I’d say and there is an upstairs also

If you are in this area and get a chance, head to the museum.  Lots of information and terrific displays.  There is also a 16 acre “airplane” park right outside the museum that you can walk around and see all the different aircraft that has been, or is, used by the Canadian Air Force.

After a few hours at the museum, we then headed for lunch which was at   Tomasso’s (downtown Trenton) for lunch.  Great day with a great group of people.

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