Back to the Old Church Theatre for Urban Highlanders !

img_4683_1444Have I mentioned how much we enjoy going to the Old Church?  Maybe 3-4 dozen times?  lol  We headed there again last night to see a group that we have seen before but I really enjoy their music so here we are again.

The Urban Highlanders are based in Toronto.  They use a great variety of instruments:   Bagpipes, whistles, 6-string, soprano sax, piccolo, flute, acoustic guitar,  an array of drums and percussion… on and on !

Grier Coppins is a musician, singer, storyteller…….very entertaining.  He and Jim actually came from the back of the room, down the aisle and onto the stage; piping in with his bagpipes.

If you live in Toronto, their website says they play the Cameron House in Toronto the 3rd Saturday of each month, 6-8 pm. You can find other dates on their site.

Grier and Jim
4 Guys making music
Before they started…….or after…..depends on your perspective!

Great show and of course the local brews and wines are a bonus ! I had my usual Railway City’s Dead Elephant IPA for my first drink but that was the last one that they had.  For my second beer, Brian had a surprise for me, Hoperation Smash !  It was pretty good, not as hoppy as I normally like but I still enjoyed it.

Clint enjoyed a beer from Railway City called Platform 18, Better than Cake which is a Milk Stout.  He enjoyed it.  Lots of variety here.


I bought a CD from Grier called “Coppins, The Prince that Nobody Knows” and he gave me a demo CD with four selections from the upcoming Urban Highlanders first release called (tentatively) Heavy Wood.

I am listening to the first CD now and it’s pretty good I must say, just like being there last night !

If you are in the area and haven’t been to the Old Church Theatre, it’s a hidden gem so check it out.  Music, plays, Quiz afternoons, friendly bunch and a bar to boot !

See you there………………….



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