Regent Theatre – Finger Eleven and I Mother Earth

Well that was a fun night last night !  We headed to the Regent Theatre in Picton for a concert.  It was pretty cold and I didn’t want to leave my house but we did.  I think it was only about -17 Celsius when we left, colder with the wind chill.  And the drive was on the back roads to Picton but they were in pretty good shape.

I like the Regent Theatre, we don’t go very often, actually can’t remember the last time we were there.  It is a rare example of an Edwardian Opera House opening in 1918.  Seats 446 people and includes a huge stage.  Also, of course a bar area where I may or may not have, consumed some local brew.

We have been here to see Johnny Winters and the legendary James Cotton .

I can’t remember what else we have seen at this Theatre but those two stand out.

But I digress………..back to last nights concert !

We had front row seats so we were pretty close!  I took a photo of the setup before they started.

Stage at 6:55 p.m. !

At 7 p.m. both bands came on stage and did an Acoustic Set together.  It was very good, they played songs like America’s Horse with no Name and Stealers Wheels Stuck in the Middle with You and other songs.  Just terrific.

Members from both bands

Then I Mother Earth left the stage and Finger Eleven  took over.  They played a lot of great songs.  I have always liked this band and this was my first time seeing them live.

Scott Anderson, vocalist

They took a 20 minute break, mostly for me so I could go get another brew.  lol

Before the next set started, Clint and I stood upstairs and took a photo of the stage from there.  It’s a pretty cool old theatre.


I Mother Earth came out next and I have to say I was not too familiar with this band.  Having said that, after listening to them, I would definitely choose listening to Finger Eleven over these guys.  BUT they are good musicians, did a great job, just not entirely to my musical taste.

After they did their set, all the guys from both bands got together and played a song from their respective bands and a couple of others.

By this time, there were a number of shall we say, “over indulgers of the alcohol” who were dancing on the lower level stage in front of the stage.  So from my front seat, this was my view lol  They were having a great time and it was fun watching them.

When they introduced the band members, we couldn’t see anything so we left and went and stood upstairs.


All in all, it was a great night and I’m glad we got past the frigid winter night and headed out.


5 thoughts on “Regent Theatre – Finger Eleven and I Mother Earth”

  1. I hate when the stand in front of you. We had that happen at one concert there during the first 20 minutes then that was it – we didn’t see anything after that so I complained and I received my money back from them. That was nice; but they should not let that happen. When I complained; they blamed the group saying that they like it. Next time – Upper seating.

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