Old Church Theatre – Talk of the Town

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Another fun night at the Old Church.  Clint, Joan and I went to see Talk of the Town.  They played hits from the 1930’s and 1940’s and we heard tunes from Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and more.

Lennie Stewart has a beautiful voice and she was accompanied by upright bassist Howard Baer, trombonist Andy Sparling, guitarist Michael Monis and drummer David Monis.  You can’t see the drummer but trust me, he’s there !

old church jan 2019 exported lr-7
Terrific group

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A great evening and of course Brian had my favourite brew, Dead Elephant IPA in the house and Clint was happy with his Coffee Porter brewed by St Nicolas Brewery.

They have opened the balcony area so you can purchase a balcony seat ticket and grab your drink and head on up!

old church jan 2019 exported lr-5
Looking down from the balcony
old church jan 2019 exported lr-13
And the prerequisite, looking Up at the Balcony photo !

Brian thanking Lennie and the guys for the great show.

old church jan 2019 exported lr-11

This is a great venue and we really enjoy coming here.   They also do plays and have Open Mic nights and there is a Quiz afternoon coming up!  Which I am looking forward to going to.

I love the Old Church and if you haven’t been there yet,  check it out, just click on the link in this sentence!  Ticket prices are reasonable and the bar has a great selection of local brews and wines.

Where else can you go to Church and have a glass of beer while enjoying great entertainment?








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