Bancroft or Bust ! January 2019


bancroft jan 2019 day trip exported lr-1_1324
Random shot of a creek on the side of the hwy heading to Bancroft

Bancroft or Bust eh?  Well it was a big BUST !  lol  We drove over 200 km, heading up north to look for wildlife and maybe even the elusive Elk herd.

We did not find Elk or anyone else for that matter.  Well I lied, we did see a squirrel, actually I lied again.  I didn’t actually see said squirrel, Clint yelled to me Squirrel! but the critter was on his side of the truck so technically I didn’t see it.

Normally we have better luck up in that part of Ontario but not today !  We could have went to Presquile or Amherst Island or down to the Cobourg area, there is usually wildlife at these spots but I wanted to try a different location.

We did stop at the Cascades and thought we’d walk down to the water.  The road from the hwy to the small parking lot was not plowed and there were trees hanging onto the road and over the road.  We braved it anyways in 4 wheel drive.

After we parked we walked down to the cascades.  It’s a lovely spot but the trail was pretty slippery.

Here are a couple of trail shots.

bancroft jan 2019 day trip exported lr-11_1329
We had to go over trees and under trees !
bancroft jan 2019 day trip exported lr-9_1328
This photo looks crooked but trust me, it’s not, the trail was slanted on the side of a cliff and icy.

It was a nice walk but at the end of the trail where it leads down to the water, was really slippery.  Clint did it but I, being Chicken of the Year, did not.  I just hovered around the trail peering through the trees at the cascades and water.

bancroft jan 2019 day trip exported lr-8_1327
My peering through the woods shot.
bancroft jan 2019 day trip exported lr-7_1326
It is a beautiful area in all seasons
bancroft jan 2019 day trip exported lr-5_1325
This was taken up near the parking lot

It was a nice walk on a semi nice day but sadly no wildlife.  Lots of deer tracks!  But no deer.

Looking down the trail head from the parking lot.  I did this in Black and White as I love photos done in B&W

bancroft jan 2019 day trip exported lr-12_1330

I haven’t Blogged for a bit so thought I should write something.  And so that was our day and it was a long one.  We were up at 630 and not home until about 430 but you never know what you’ll see if you don’t go out.  Just me being the animal lover that I am, I would have loved to have had some wildlife shots.  Even one of that squirrel……………..


2 thoughts on “Bancroft or Bust ! January 2019”

  1. Thanks Your stories and photos are beautiful and fun to read. Deer tracks; but no deer. Not quite. He just got there before you did. LOL


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