Belleville Waterfront Walk

I can’t get over the weather! It was 8 November (Saturday) and we were outside in tee-shirts! ………. and pants – we were also wearing pants ! lol

Some people were wearing shorts, it was that warm.

We had to do some stuff around our property and then we decided to head to Belleville’s Waterfront for a walk. They have beautiful trails on the Bay of Quinte and as I have said before, we are so lucky to have these spots to head to for some exercise and fresh air.

It was a beautiful day on the bay, we saw lots of ducks, seagulls, and Canada Geese. Enjoy my photos.

So that was our walk, we walk here quite often, it’s a really nice trail. You can walk, skate, bike and there are lots of great views.

That’s it for today, stay safe please !

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