Proctor Park in Brighton

Well as I mentioned in my last Blog the last few days were so warm, almost as though winter is not coming, although it is, sadly.

So this past Saturday we decided to head to Brighton to take a walk at Proctor Park. We haven’t been here for a while for a hike. At the entrance is the Brighton Barn Theatre which we have been to for concerts and plays. Of course, it has not been open this year which is sad.

I love walking through forests, this one is quite open. At one time, we had to step to the side as a family was coming towards us. Three little kids were walking towards us and the one little girl said “everyone off the trail, there’s old people coming!” Oh my God we all laughed so hard but yeah thanks little girl, not that old yet lol

We left there and headed to Presquile Provincial Park for a drive. It was such a beautiful day and Lake Ontario is very photogenic!

We are really fortunate to live in our area, there is so much to see and do and most of it within a good distance, anywhere from a couple of kilometres to maybe an hour drive. So let’s see what we’ll do tomorrow !

As usual, please stay safe

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