Biking in Belleville

Bay Bridge Belleville

We went for a bike ride last week around the waterfront in Belleville. This city has a beautiful waterfront for walking, biking, photography, boating, fishing, it’s a great outdoor space.

We parked at the west end at the trail and rode our bikes along the water on the Zwick’s Recreational Trail which is about 3.25 kms long. We left there and took Hwy 2 to get to the other side of the Moira River and then kept going on the Kiwanis Bayshore Recreational Trail about 3 km in length. We do this trail, biking and walking, fairly regularly and we enjoy it. There are other trails to walk/bike in Belleville. I know I have done posts about this before but perhaps some photos are different this time.

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Part of the Zwick’s trail

This is the view of the City of Belleville from the trail, before we head to the highway to cross the water to get to the other part of the trail.

City of Belleville
Close up of the City

Both the trails have lots to offer; boat launches, Meyer’s Pier Marina, canteen, playground, a dog park and more. They do a lot of festivals in the area of Zwick’s park situated on the Zwick’s trail. Due to Covid of course these have been suspended but they do have Pop-Ups in the summer which is nice. There is usually a Pizza Oven Truck, Falafel King, Fries, Bake Shop, Venture Outfitters where you can rent SUPs and more!

The photo below is across the river by the Belleville Yacht Club before you head onto the Kiwanis Trail.

Some housing by the water, close to the Yacht Club
Meyer’s Pier and Marina
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Pergola by the Bay, heading east
There is a turtle pond to the left in this photo and the Bay is to the right

Traffic Jam!
Above is one of the boat launches at the east end of the trail
View from the boat launch looking west, you can see the Bay bridge in the distance

Another great day, thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Biking in Belleville”

  1. Have biked and rollerbladed this trail many times, right from Herchimer Ave. to the 401. So many great spots to stop and watch the world pass by.

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    1. Yes we’re lucky to have the outdoor spaces we have. I am not a rollerblader! But I bet you had fun. 😊 we want to try the bike trail in Trenton to Carrying Place too, we haven’t done it yet


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