Quinte Conservation – Potter’s Creek North

Bridge done in Black and White

We have a lot of Conservation Areas where I live and one is only about 5 minutes from our house, or less. It’s Potter’s Creek North and Potter’s Creek South. They are right across the road from each other. The south side is on the Bay of Quinte and is a popular spot for people to put their ice fishing huts out on the Bay.

Potter’s Creek North is where they tore down a beautiful (but dangerous) old barn a couple of months ago. I posted about it in another Blog post. We were there the other day to walk the trails.

Quinte Conservation offices

Below is what the old Barn looked like Before and After the tear down

Beautiful old barn

They kept part of the old stone foundation and apparently there are plans to put a small picnic area beside it.

What’s left

I love to do things in Black and White so I took what’s left of the old barn and did just that as shown below.

What’s left of the foundation, done in Black and White
Bridge taking you to the rest of the trail, part of which runs along the creek
One view of Potter’s Creek from the bridge
Part of the Trail
Trains drive over this fairly regularly. It doesn’t seem sturdy enough!

We enjoy our outdoor areas and try to get out as often as we can.

See you next time

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