Millenium Trail

Red Winged Blackbird

We went to the Millenium Trail earlier in May to see the heronry but it was gone. Only one nest remained and no herons were there.

I did get a few photos of this swan chasing a Canada Goose away from the nest his lady friend was sitting on. Kind of funny to watch. Both of these birds can be miserable but the swan won this round.

9 thoughts on “Millenium Trail”

    1. Thank you! They are extremely common up here. It’s neat when you see birds you haven’t seen before. I was so excited to see a Roadrunner when we were in Arizona. And the Mockingbirds out West that we don’t have here. One of the reasons I love to travel!

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      1. No, thank you!! 😃 Seeing different birds is special, yes. I get excited when I see roadrunners too. They are so fast! One of the joys of traveling-a special one!! 🕊🦅🦆🦜🐓🦉🦤🦩

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  1. Ha ha – I liked all the pictures but the first one of them squaring off, was like two gunfighters in the middle of the street, ready to draw their weapons. 🙂 You’re right – the message was received loud and clear!

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      1. Canada Geese can hold their own, that’s for sure. I will be mentioning this story in an upcoming post, (likely a month or so from now), but I saw something funny last weekend. Of course I was driving and couldn’t take a picture (sigh), but at Lake Erie Metropark a doe crossed the road and ambled over to “visit” a family of geese. The goslings were eating grass away from the parents and the doe was curious I guess and got her nose too close to the goslings … the gander went ballistic hissing and wing flapping and scared the poor doe off. I’d have loved to get pictures of that encounter – I thought of stopping and grabbing the camera, bu the signs say no vehicle stopping allowed and of course no vehicles came behind me until I exited the park.

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