Algonquin Park – Spring Trip – and then there were Moose…..

Cow and her yearling going back into the woods

Clint and I spent almost two weeks in Algonquin Park, we came home Wednesday 25 May. We saw so many moose, it was great. It was like it used to be years ago when we went to the Park.

We also did some paddling, some trails, and had campfires every night. The weather was weird, one day in sandals and tee shirts and the next day I had a touque on my head. We also had a severe weather watch, high winds, tornadoes etc. It missed Algonquin Park, and also where we live, thankfully, but it did so much damage elsewhere in Ontario and close to a dozen people were killed. Apparently it came up fast and out of nowhere and ravaged a swath through Uxbridge, Havelock, Bon Echo Provincial park and right into Ottawa (our Nation’s capital). Bon Echo Provincial Park had to evacuate and is still closed to clean up the damage. (This was Saturday 21 May that the storm occurred.)

But back to photos, of which I have a lot. I am going to do a couple of smaller blog posts with just photos, because really, who doesn’t want to see more moose! I also have a couple of other photos, loons and whatnot but we did not see as big a variety of wildlife as we usually see.

I thought I would start with a sad story about a young Bull and then some photos of a cow and her yearling who both could not make up their minds which side of the highway they wanted to be on.

So the young Bull was quite handsome and maybe 3-4 years old, I’m guessing. He could barely walk and I anticipate a wolf pack will get him eventually, unless a miracle occurs and his leg gets better. Fingers crossed….

We also spotted a cow with her yearling. This yearling was a bull and he was pretty cute and quite a bit smaller than his mom, for now. She crossed the road and came back and then crossed again and he followed. Then they both came back again, maybe they didn’t want to ask for directions.

Stay tuned for some more moose photos and trail photos.

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