Manitoulin Island

2016 –   Gocrane-sigManitoulin Island via the Chi-Cheemaun ferry, leaving from Tobermory !  If you take this ferry, particularly in the summer months, its best to make a reservation ahead of time……just sayin’.  Its super busy. We arrived early in the morning and we were the first vehicle in line for the ferry.  Had a lot of time to kill, so went exploring in the small town.  Tobermory is located on a small harbour at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula.   We had breakfast at Craigie’s one of the original buildings in Tobermory.  Lots of little cafes and cute little shops; not to mention a microbrewery!

When we arrived on Manitoulin Island, we drove straight to our campground;  Mindemoya Court Cottages and RV Park; we were given a small site but it did the trick.  There are a number of private campgrounds on the island. Gore Bay is a nice community, not much to do here but do they have a microbrewery !   The brewery is called Split Rail Brewing Company.  Their Hawberry Ale is terrific , made with a local berry called Hawberry.  Makes sense !   My husband said it was his favourite beer that he tried on our 3 month trip.

We drove around the town and saw a mom deer and her two young ‘uns on a front lawn.  I got out of the truck to take pictures and the man came out and yelled to get off his lawn, pretty sure he was talking to the deer as I had not made it to his lawn yet.  They were eating and I guess he didn’t want to share his shrubbery.  The deer wandered up the road and we followed to get pictures.  So cute.

And the strangest thing, we were driving through the country side and lo and behold spotted a whole field of sandhill cranes.  Say what ?  I have never seen one in person.  Apparently they refuel in the farmers fields on their way to wherever they are going.  I was reading up on them and from what I understand they can be a “nuisance” bird for some farmers, eating all grain and corn seedlings in the fields.  In an article I read, one farmer said they can go through a field like a combine.

So if the farmers want, they can apply for a special license.  You know what for……I’m not willing to talk about it.

Drove to Misery Bay Provincial park on Lake Huron.  No camping there, just trails and a spectacular shoreline around this little cove.  Great spot to hike for a bit.

Manitoulin Island


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