Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

kakabeka falls

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park has 3 campgrounds but only one was open for camping; this was the end of August so it was not off-season.  They have really nice campsites at this park.  A few trails to hike and one trail to bike plus the campground itself you can bike. We had a hummingbird, a cedar waxwing and a northern flicker come into our site !

We saw a number of bald eagles here, they seemed to like flying around the canyon. We were standing on one of the lookout spots and one swooped right in front of us; had I know he was coming by I probably could have reached out and touched him, he was that close !  Up river from the falls there is a small beach located on the  Kaministiquia River.  You have to be watchful in this area as the water levels are controlled by Ontario Hydro and can fluctuate.  We walked the Voyageur Trail down to the Little Falls and back along the river.

trumWe were only here for two nights so not too much time to do a lot.  Oh but wait !  We did drive to Pigeon River Provincial Park, we actually drove right past it and through the border to the USA lol.  Good thing we always carry our passports !  Part of High Falls is in the States and part is in Canada.  In case you were wondering…………………Middle Falls is also nice.  This is Trum and me at Middle Falls.

Clint’s Photos

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