Wyoming – 26 – 27 June – Summer 2017

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming.  Quite something and very unique, a one of a kind rock !

Monday 26 June we packed up, left Deadwood and started driving.  We made a detour to see the Devil’s Tower.   They filmed the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind here.   It looks exactly like it did in the movie.   There was a huge lineup to get to the ticket booth, cars were lined up way down the road.  We just stopped and got a ton of photos, turned around  and kept on driving.   Monkeys meet Alien Rock lol.

Well we weren’t in Wyoming very long !  Only one night stay and then on our way through to Montana.  We did stop at their Visitor Centre, which is huge and a lady named Grace gave us a lot of information.  Trum and Digby both wanted on the horse, what can I say?


We stopped at the Lazy R RV Park in Ranchester Wyoming.  This is a nice park, not very big but very well maintained.  Site 10 again !  $30 a night for hydro/water. We had cement wheel ways and a TREE ! and Grass ! and Shade.  What more could you ask for?

It was later in the day when we got here but decided to drive up the mountain to Big Horn Pass.   We drove to an elevation of  8364 ft.   We stopped at different viewing spots on the way and ended up at a campground by Sibley Lake.  We saw ducks on the Lake, yeah I know not exciting but we really haven’t seen any ducks yet on this trip.  We also saw a deer and a moose !  This is a nice drive took us about 3 hours but we did stop a lot.  On the way down the mountain I wanted to stop at the Big Horn sign and get a photo.  Just as we reached it, this deer came bounding down the mountain from the right side and ran across the road and down the other side.  Now the other side was barricaded and went straight down and I mean straight down.  So that deer must have been some agile to jump the barricade and keep his footing when he landed !

Leaving tomorrow for Montana!

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