British Columbia – 22 – 24 July – Summer 2017

We left Grand Prairie and in less than an hour came across the town of Beaverlodge.   It is located on Highway 43, 43 km (27 mi) west of Grande Prairie and 48 km (30 mi) east of the British Columbia border. They have a HUGE beaver statue here, so funny.  Of course we had to get photos !



Dawson Creek was our next stop.  We parked by the Visitor Centre to go inside.  This is the town where the Alaskan highway starts.  We went in to get some information and they told us to walk down the main street and there is the Alaska Highway House museum on the corner and they have an hour-long movie on the making of the Alaskan Highway,   Al-Can hwy as it was called back then.


0-mile marker and the boys
Downtown Dawson Creek
Facts about the Alaskan Highway
Map of the highway

So we did walk downtown and the museum was extremely interesting and so was the movie.  It’s unbelievable what they accomplished here building this highway.   We also took each others photos at the O-mile marker in the centre of town.  We had to dodge traffic to reach it !

And we had to turn our clocks back again so now we are three hours behind Ontario.  We ate our lunch in the truck and kept driving until early evening finally stopping at Sikanni River RV Park, site 19.


Well I have no words to describe this park !  But what are you gonna do when you are in the middle of literally nowhere ?  We paid $20 for a non-service site, $30 if you wanted hydro but we were only spending one night and didn’t even unhook the trailer.  This is basically a huge gravel/dirt area with a few trees scattered here and there.  After we went to bed we could hear rifle shots !  Big Foot maybe?  I forgot to mention, on the drive here we went down one of the longest and steepest hills we have ever went down, just by Fort St John. We also stopped along this road for gas and it was $1.60 a litre.  Holy Batman.  We will get gas tomorrow.

We got up and left the next morning fairly early and stopped at Buckinghorse Lake for gas BUT THEY HAD NO GAS!   They ran out.   There are no more gas stations until Fort Nelson which is still about 180 km further.  Guess we should have sucked it up and spent the money yesterday.  We do have a gas container so I guess we should get it filled and keep it filled bahaha !   There are very few gas stations from here on up so whenever we see one, we fill up.  Long story short – we made it Fort Nelson !  Headed straight for the gas station and filled up the truck and the container and no the gas was not $1.60 litre.  We stopped for a coffee and ate our lunch in the truck again and then on our way.  Saw a black bear with 2 cubs wandering down the road and then we saw what looked like a black fox or maybe a black baby wolf?  We weren’t sure and we couldn’t stop.  Then saw a brown bear and THREE cubs!  But again we couldn’t stop, we were pulling the trailer and no room on the sides of the road to stop.  Darn it.  We only saw another lone buffalo, poor fella.  And then further down we saw a herd on the side of the road.  Beautiful scenery on this drive.  We wanted to stay at Liard Provincial park but it was full so just down the road we stopped at Mould Creek campground.  We drove past it as we couldn’t see a sign but turned back and they only have a small sign that isn’t very noticeable.  I think they are just starting up.  She told us to pick whatever site we wanted.  They didn’t  have hydro/water but for only $20 it was a beautiful site.  We were at site 7 which was a nice big site with 2 wooden Adirondack chairs and the most beautiful fire pit I have ever seen.    This park was very quiet.  There were 2 young guys on motorcycles across from us and a young couple from the Netherlands down the road a bit.  She came over and borrowed a can opener, really nice lady.  This is a nice park and they also have a couple of cabins which were really well done.  I would definitely stay here again.

We left the next morning, gone by 920 a.m. and we stopped for gas at Coal River, 1.50 a litre for gas and 3.00 for a styrofoam cup of coffee, which I would like to say was worth it but pretty sure I dumped it.  And I love coffee.  Now the road on this drive is pretty flat and lots of trees,  lots of dead trees.  We did see a black bear and we were able to stop and get photos.  BUT he wouldn’t put his head up !  He was having his breakfast and just wanted to graze along the ditch.

We decided to drive straight through to Whitehorse and it made for a long drive and a long day………. 650 km.

So now we are in the Yukon !

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