British Columbia (again) – 22-24 August – Summer 2017

Liard Provincial Park Hot Springs, British Columbia

We drove straight to Liard River Provincial park.  We wanted to stay here on our way to Alaska but it was booked solid.  We were able to choose our site, any that were empty were up for grabs.  We chose Site 32 for $26 a night.  No services.   this is a well maintained park and very quiet.  On the way here, we saw so many buffalo, singles and then a whole herd.  Lots of babies and some are smaller and lighter coloured and some are bigger and darker but all still feeding off their moms.

Liard Provincial Park campsite

Next day it was overcast and 16 and rained a bit in the morning.  We decided to walk up to the Hot Springs before we left.  These are the second largest in Canada.  There was a boardwalk to walk to the springs.  There were a couple of people in it, we did not go in.  We saw a moose on the way back standing by the woods.

We hit the road by 1030 a.m.  and had to pay 1.70 a litre for gas.  wowza.





Here is what some of the “gas stations” look like.





Spotted a little caribou just hanging out on the side of the road.




The road followed the Toad River which is very picturesque with mountains and trees and the water was a beautiful greeny blue colour.

Toad River,  British Columbia

We drove through Muncho Provincial Park and stopped at Toad River for gas, only a $1.39 a litre here.  We saw another caribou, he kept going back and forth across the highway.  Our drive continued through Stone Mountain Provincial Park, another nice spot and we stopped by the Toad River for some photos.  We drove past Sikanni River RV where we stayed on the way out here and then to Pink Mountain RV but it was full.


We kept driving to Wonowon and there was a gravel parking lot RV Park.  Gravel Parking Lot shall be its name as I don’t remember the real name. lol   $35 for the night, full service, site 8.  There are only 9 sites here and a woman with a shit load of kids runs it out of her house at the back of the parking lot.


Heading to Alberta tomorrow.


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