Taste ! A Community Grown Festival – Picton September 2018


So off to Taste !  An annual event held in Picton Ontario, usually at the Crystal Palace but this year it is being held at Loch-Sloy business park.   Looking forward to enjoying an afternoon at this unique location.  There were over 50 vendors including food, wine, beer, soap, jewellery, honey, salad dressings, you name it and it was there.  Very enjoyable couple of hours was spent here.

So why is Lock-Sloy so unique?  Well let me tell you and hopefully you will read more about it on their website and other sites.  Occupying over 700 acres of land, Loch-Sloy was formerly Camp Picton built in 1940 as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.  British, Canadian and American men trained as combat pilots at this site.  It underwent different functionalities until 1969 when a civilian company purchased it lock, stock and barrel.  The H.J. McFarland company is currently working to preserve this World War II Air Training Base.  We noticed today there were different companies occupying some of the buildings.  A Yoga studio and a Window/Door company to name a few.  Some of the buildings are beyond repair but it is really a fantastic place to drive or walk around and think what it must have been like years before.  I should have taken more photos but I wasn’t thinking and I didn’t bring my good camera.  I guess I didn’t figure they would let us drive all around the roads and by the buildings when we were done at the festival.

Back to the Festival !  The Taste festival was pretty good this year.  We actually enjoyed this location more than the Crystal Palace.  Why you might ask?  Because the majority of the vendors were inside and there was a great deal more room to move around.  Don’t get me wrong the Crystal Palace is also lovely and also a unique location, which you should read about as it holds a lot of history.

We shared a food tray from Papa Ghanoush it was so good.  Great Syrian food and lovely people.

We bought honey from Prince Edward County Honey and maple syrup from Vader’s and some salad dressing from PEC Foods Andy’s Original Salad Dressing.

So many things to look at and purchase.  Sunflower oils, jams, jellies, Goat soap, cookies, chocolate………too much to name.  Two of my favourite breweries were there:  555 and Prince Eddy’s.

There were lots of people at the distillery booth, Kinsip Distillery, not sure what they were trying but I don’t drink liquor so did not partake.

Oh Yes there were different bands playing on an outdoor stage as well.  They had big bales of hay for people to sit on and watch the entertainment.

Yvette the Water Buffalo and her two babies (who were at the Stirling Water Buffalo festival) were there and I did see the cutest little dog being carried around in his mom’s puppy purse.  There was also a cute goat and her cuter kid.



All in all a good couple of hours well spent and we came home with some goodies and Christmas presents !  Hope to go again next year.








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