Wellington Pumpkin Festival – October 2018 (and a stop at a scary house)

Petting Zoo – Who doesn’t love a pony wearing a Pumpkin Hat?

Spent the day in Wellington today.  Wellington is a small town located in Prince Edward County in Ontario.  There are tons if things to do in the County, as we refer to it as.   People from Toronto usually swarm to this area to participate in the many activities going on.  There are tons of high-end restaurants (also low-end  lol) , wineries, festivals, art galleries, cutesy artsy craft shops, not to mention Sandbanks Provincial Park and many other venues for all kinds of recreational activities and entertainment.

So this particular day was a Festival and what a great time at the Pumpkin Festival. Starting with a pancake and sausage breakfast (for a small fee) hosted by the Museum people, followed by a walk past all the vendor booths.  These were located in a park by Lake Ontario and then a parade !  As you might suspect, being a Pumpkin Festival, it was all about the pumpkins.  These pumpkins were unbelievably huge !  All different colours, some smushed looking and some looking just “pumpkin right” !


This is the coolest truck


Maybe touching a huge pumpkin gives you good luck?


These don’t have pumpkiny colours but still big.


I saw this dog at the parade, he was watching the parade and he had the most unusual coat, like literally his own coat, not store bought…………that I have ever seen.  Take a look

Super cute dog at the parade

All the pumpkins were marched (well driven actually) down the main street in the parade and later in the day, they were all lined up in a parking lot and the contest for the biggest pumpkin began.  I believe the pumpkin that won weighed over 800 lbs.


All in all,  a pretty good day.  There was live music and clogging and all kinds of games for the kids.  The library had a huge book sale and of course, being the book lover that I am, I left there with two big bags of books.   AND THEY HAD A PETTING ZOO with the cutest little animals all dressed up for Pumpkin Festival.


We ended the Pumpkin Festival with a stop at one of our favourite breweries, Midtown Brewing, located downtown Wellington.  At 1 pm they were going to uncask their Pumpkin Spice beer.  We stopped in and had a beer but we did not stay for the uncasking.  I am not particularly fond of flavoured beer so no loss to me.  And as I read this, is there such a word as uncasking??  Anyways, you get my meaning…….right?


On our way out of Welllington, to head home, we stopped in at another favourite spot, Wellington Bakery,  I have blogged about this bakery before.  But to reiterate, it’s great !  I love their Chelsea buns and Clint likes their cinnamon buns and of course their bread is pretty good too……………..and croissants, pastries…….all of it!  If you get out that way, drop in but get there early, if possible, before they run out of stuff.

THEN we remembered that a restaurant we like was right around the corner from the bakery.  They used to be located in Belleville but moved out to Wellington this year.  Saigon Restaurant  is a terrific Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant.  If you like this type of food, check this place out, it will be worth it.

On the way home from Wellington to Belleville, we passed this house and the yard was done up for Hallowe’en and it was pretty spectacular. Of course I had to stop, so we did. Clint and I walked around and admired everything.  The man who sets this up told me they aren’t done yet so we may need to take another run out there before Hallowe’en.  Lots of work for them and boy did they do a good job, such detail.  Everything moved, like when you approached the red car, the guys underneath started moving.  The couple at the spit were moving and the guy chasing his own lower body part was moving.  It was quite something to see.




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