Signal Brewery – The Staff Entertain Us !


I love Signal Brewery in Corbyville.  If you like history, check out the link I placed on Corbyville, very interesting history of this area which makes for good reading on the Ontario Ghost Towns website.   This is one of my favourite spots to go.  Beautiful old historic building and a wonderful big patio right on the Moira River.  What else could you ask for?   Our son and daughter-in-law love this place too, we took them there when they came for a visit from Toronto, where they live. Even though we took them there, it was my birthday and they bought us a delicious lunch!  It was a great afternoon but anyways………………continuing on……..Oh yeah so our daughter-in-law loves their sour beer and she actually found a bar near where they live that serves Signal Beer.  How about that?

So staying on point, which sometimes is not easy……………….we went to Signal this night because the staff were going to get on stage and entertain us all.  They sang and played instruments, either solo or in a group and honestly it was a fun evening.   We sat at the bar and had a beer and enjoyed our evening.  They make one of my favourite IPAs so that makes it even more enjoyable.

For the grand finale they sang a Richie Valens tune “Oh Donna”, an oldie but sort of goodie?  And even Richard the owner went up on stage and they all wowed us with their talents !  We would go back if they did this again, maybe not right away but you know, we would go again !


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