Day Trip to Peterborough – 17 September


Off to Peterborough, Ontario today to ride our bikes on the Omemee Rail Trail  This is a popular 35 km long trail.  We did not do the whole trail.  It’s crushed gravel which is great for biking and well maintained.  We did from Peterborough down to Doube’s Trestle bridge and a bit beyond and back.  The Trestle bridge is an old high train bridge, about 200 metres long and quite high.  Great views though.


The bridge and views from the bridge.



It was a beautiful day and a really good ride.  I would like to do this trail again and do more of it.  Maybe next year.


We biked for a couple of hours and then headed for something to eat.  We had always heard about the Publican House so thought we would head there for a bite.  It is a nice building, inside and out, but neither of us felt good vibes there.  Don’t ask me why.  I don’t think we will go back.  We were met right at the door by the bartender and he was a nice, friendly guy who took us to our seats out on the patio.  But beyond that, we just didn’t get a good feeling weird eh?

The food was okay and everyone who knows me knows I love bar food but there wasn’t anything that really stood out and it was not memorable as it is only about 4 days later I write this and I honestly don’t remember what I had.  Nice patio but noisy.  It’s right at an intersection and there is a lot of noise if you are looking for a nice and somewhat quiet place for lunch.

We left and headed to the Olde Stone Brewing Company.  What a terrific building.  I loved the inside, the layout and the decor.  Very old and rustic.  They had one little table that you went up a small set of stairs to get to.  Very private, very quaint.  There beer which I only sampled one, was okay so we didn’t have any beer or food there.  But it was worth it to see the inside.


I know the stairs are ew looking but what a cute spot

From there we headed to Smithhavens Brewery.  Cute spot and the lady who helped us was really nice.  I only tasted two or three.  They were mostly German style beer and not normally to my taste.  But we did end up getting a few bottles and cans based on Trums recommendation.  I’m sure they are great if you like that kind of beer.

Still a nice location and friendly staff.



By this time it was about 430 and we have about an hour and a half drive home so home we went…………………..

Great day



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