Presquile Provincial Park -16 September


Well it’s still stinking hot, what a change from last weekend when it went down to about 10 Celsius.  This weekend it is back up to 35C.  So we packed a lunch and headed off to Presquile Provincial Park to sit by the water and cool off by Lake Ontario.  But first,  we had to purchase a Daily VehicleP Ass so we could get into the park for the day ! lol   They need to reconfigure their printer methinks !


What a great day at the park.  We don’t care to actually go to a beach so we always go to the Day Use area.  There is a nice grassy strip right by Lake Ontario and they have picnic tables at different locations and we chose a really nice spot all to ourselves.  Trees on either side and a picnic table and nice easy trail to the water.  There is not as many people along this stretch and we can back our car right up for easy access to my floatie and our lunch and all other beach type items that we drag along with us.

We always put our chairs in the water as it’s cooler and we can see so much more like the jet skis and boats going by.  You can hardly tell where the water ends and the sky begins.  Beautiful day.  Notice I have my floatie tied up to my chair for future use.  Don’t want to lose my Bean Chair !



Here is a view of our “beach day” area from the water.  How nice is that?


And some views looking to the left and right.  What a great day.  And not many people in this area but I imagine the beach was chock full of people.



This was a short blog but I did want to show people what a beautiful area we live in, in case they aren’t familiar !  It was a great day for sure.

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