Stirling Water Buffalo Festival ! – September 2018

Erin working and me visiting !

Headed out to the Stirling Water Buffalo Festival this morning, great day for a drive and a festival !

Stirling has this festival on the third Saturday of September.  We have been here once before on our own and once Jay went with us.  But it has been a couple of years since we attended.

My high spot was seeing my friend Erin !  I have known her since she was knee high to a grasshopper !  lol   And now she is a mom of two AND the Retail Manager at The Buff Stuff Store.  It was great seeing her again, if only for a few minutes, she was super busy as the Buff Stuff is very popular.   If you get a chance, here’s where to go !


Stirling is a quaint little town and they had closed off one street to display vendors and food booths etc.  Some of the vendors were Sultan of Sausage, Queen of Poutine, Heritage Edibles, The Ribcage BBQ, Kings Mill Cider and more.


They had bands playing all day and Potters Settlement Winery was there.  We tried their wines and Clint liked one red and I liked one white but all in all,  their wine is not really to our taste.


There was a Kids Venue with face painting, balloon making, games and other activities.  A Mom Water Buffalo, named Yvette,  and her twins were also there.  It was a hot day but they did have them under a tent so hopefully wasn’t too bad for them.  Apparently the Mom weighs 3000 pounds, is that possible?  She is big…………..but her babies are so little, really cute.

These two were cute as buttons


I got to pet Yvette !


We did buy some Water Buffalo soap from the Rawdon Creek Soap Company, they had a great variety of different smells and different types.  Can’t wait to try it !  They don’t seem to have a website but I linked them to an Etsy site?  Not sure what that even is…………..

We also bought some butter tarts from Paradise Tarts.  We have tried Butter tarts all across Canada and the USA but we always prefer Rachel’s Tarts, made right here in Trenton.  However, these Paradise tarts were as good or better.  We should have bought more !  We only purchased one each to try but will definitely buy more when we are in that area.

Oh my ! These were good tarts.  Now we have two favourite Butter Tart places.
Beautifully done up booth and friendly staff.

This was their 10th Annual event.  We might go again next year !





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