INDIA – Day 7 – Chambal to Jaipur

We left the Safari Lodge about 730 after another great buffet breakfast in India and headed to Jaipur!

Dining room at Chambal Safari Lodge

We are headed to Jaipur but first, 8 of us signed up for a River Cruise so we are doing that on the way.   A few photos on our drive, a lot of the photos are out of a bus window so you know, they are not the greatest.  Reflections, window panes, lighting etc were a hindrance for sure.

Not sure what this building is, but I like the look


You never know what you’ll see on the main streets…………….
That’s a big load
She looks very sad

We stopped at a hotel, not sure the name.  We were dropping two people off so they could wait here while the rest of us continued by bus to the wharf to take the River Cruise.

This guy was wandering the grounds of the hotel we stopped at

The rest of us then headed out to  the boat wharf where our boat was waiting.  It was a pontoon type boat with seats around the inside edges.  There was a man driving the boat who was also our guide.  Amit went with us.  We went down the river and then back, the whole trip took about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  We saw lots of crocodiles, turtles, birds, flying fish, Ibis birds, these cute ducks from Moldavia and some eagles.  The shore was pretty sandy on one side and then went up to cliffs.  The other side was much the same except there was a farmer plowing his fields.  All uphill…….or downhill I guess too.  Lots of people on the shore washing themselves, relaxing or washing their clothes.  And lots of cows in the water, it was stinking hot so I think they were cooling off.    It was a nice cruise, however the sun was so stinking bright it was not conducive for nice photos……….excuse number 23 for crappy photos lol.


Our boat


Can you look down at the crocodile Mr Heron?  and maybe move?
The people are all friendly
These cows crack me up, actually I think their water buffaloes
Eagles ?  Maybe?  I am NOT a birder
Can you say plow your fields uphill? or downhill?
Apparently this is a duck from Moldavia
This was a big guy
I guess they don’t eat turtle meat


When the cruise was over, we picked up Joan and Paul and headed to Jaipur.  We didn’t get to our hotel until about 730.  It was the Indana Palace.

Beautiful hotel.

That’s our bus in front of the hotel
Gardens in front of the hotel
Our Room

Tomorrow we tour the area and stay a 2nd night at this hotel.



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