Algonquin Park Weekend – May 2019

Fine then

We leave soon for our “big” trip so I wanted to get a couple of days taking some photos in Algonquin before we leave.  We got up at o’dark thirty Saturday morning and off we went.  We were signed into our motel and into the park by 10 a.m.   Which was pretty good as it is a three hour drive and we have to stop for coffee!

Algonquin Park is one my favourite places and I like to get there as often as possible.   We did not camp this trip as we normally do; we stayed in Whitney at the Algonquin East Gate Motel.  In the evenings we headed down the street for the Mad Musher for a couple of beers and dinner.

We did a few hikes; through the old airfield to go down near the river, a portage to Tanamakoon Lake and a trail to the Cascades to name a few.  The trail to the Cascades was still snow covered and icy and further down there was a lot of flooding.  Here we are, May 4-6 and still most of the lakes are ice covered and still a fair bit of snow in the bush and on some trails.  A lot of the roads were closed down due to flooding or other reasons.  Tea Lake Dam road, Arowhon, Centennial, Rock Lake road to name a few.  But we still managed to see a lot and do a lot.


We saw a couple of moose, wild turkeys, grouse, not much else but we had a great time.  The sky was blue and it was pretty warm, it hovered around 15-16 Celsius all weekend.

Great lighting !
He looks a little drunk
Young laughing bull !
I feel like I startled him
His startled look
Same to you pal
Joking around
Young Bull
His colouring is different than a lot of moose I have seen
Red Wing Blackbird
Red Winged Blackbird
Why am I alone
I feel dejected
Now you see me...........
Now you see me………………
As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could bly
As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly………….
Trail to the Cascades
Trail to the Cascades
Trail - Old Railroad Line
Trail – used to part of the railroad line
Tanamakoon Lake
Tanamakoon Lake
Old Airfield 1
Old Airfield
Old Airfield
Old Airfield
Opeongo Lake
Opeongo Lake
Part of Cache Lake
Heading towards Cache Lake
Trum at the Pond
Trum enjoying some time on the pond
The Pond
Boating on a lake of ice
Only in Canada eh?  boating on an ice covered lake
What a great cottage
Cute Cottage
Jake Lake
Jake Lake

All in all a great trip and hopefully we will get back there in October after our summer trip.

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