Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 5 – 2005

Algonquin Aug 2005101_1624
Canoe Lake

We decided to go into Burnt Island Lake this year in Algonquin Park.  You have to leave from Canoe Lake which is a big and very busy lake.  We are heading out from here.  If I remember correctly, we went from Canoe Lake – Joe Lake – Little Joe Lake – Lost Joe Lake – Baby Joe Lake and into Burnt Island Lake.  Obviously someone with no imagination named these lakes !

Algonquin Aug 2005102_1538

Looking to the right from the docks at Canoe Lake

Algonquin Aug 2005006_1625

Portage Canoe Lake to Joe Lake

Algonquin Aug 2005096_1626

Heading for Little Joe Lake

Algonquin Aug 2005018_1627

Portage Baby Joe Lake to Burnt Island Lake

Algonquin Aug 2005029_1628

Our campsite, view from the water

Algonquin Aug 2005008_1521
Burnt Island Campsite

Algonquin Aug 2005032_1629

Algonquin Aug 2005079_1533
The Chipster
Algonquin Aug 2005053_1532
Please Sir can I have some more?
Algonquin Aug 2005048_1531
No soup for you !  Ricky Raccoon is hiding between the canoe and the tree
Algonquin Aug 2005044_1530
Oh man………here he comes again
Algonquin Aug 2005035_1528
Me enjoying the view and the day

Algonquin Aug 2005088_1631Algonquin Aug 2005010_1630


Algonquin Aug 2005015_1523
Hmm where is this?  Good question……….

Algonquin Aug 2005042_1632

We went to Birdie Lake, Alder Lake and Iris Lake

Algonquin Aug 2005092_1535

We stayed a few nights on Burnt Island and our last night we did a partial paddle/portage back to Joe Lake area for a break.  Only one night there and then back to where we had our cars parked.  We didn’t see a lot of wildlife this trip but we still enjoyed it.  I love the peacefulness and lack of people out here.  It’s my happy place where I can truly relax and have no worries.  Well I’m a stressed out woman so I guess I still have SOME worries lol.   Having said that, Canoe Lake is a very busy lake, lots of people but we still enjoy it.


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